middle aged woman embracing disabled senior mother

Our Life Enrichment Team is Exceptional Every Day.

It’s National Activities Professional Week which reminds us of the extraordinary efforts the Coulterville Life Enrichment team put forth this last year. These activities professionals are skilled at keeping residents engaged and happy, even during times like this.

While social distancing may have been in place these last few months, the team created innovative ways to keep residents emotionally connected. They remodeled the way they supported residents relying upon advanced technology, fresh programming and virtual events.

Adjusting to the pandemic means keeping everyone interested in activities and changing their entire way of conducting activities. From one-to-one activities to doorway exercising and hallway events, the team made the best out of a challenging situation.

Bringing Variety to the Daily Calendar.

The Life Enrichment team is the backbone of our community when it comes to keeping peoples’ minds engaged and bringing smiles to their faces. Our activity calendar is brimming with fun-loving socializing ideas. You won’t find the same ones day in or day out…every day is full of different ways residents can energize themselves and find inspiration.

Rolling Out Innovative Virtual Activities.

The team went the extra mile to enhance the daily calendar of events with engaging virtual and hallway activities. Themed events and “Wacky Holidays” are ongoing while simple acts of kindness brighten residents’ days. For example, to ensure seniors have the things they need that make their days happier and their life as fulfilled as possible, if a resident does not care for the meal menu, we can drive to get them a meal from a local restaurant. It’s these types of simple, but caring, gestures that are performed every day that make our community one-of-a-kind.

Community Involvement.

Our senior living community is deeply entrenched in the small town of Coulterville, Illinois. The town and its people from the surrounding area have always played an active role in our success as a senior living community. When our accommodations are not under the social distancing restrictions of the virus, numerous volunteers from Coulterville and surrounding towns come into our setting and participate in different church services, bible studies and piano performances. In turn, our residents are active in the town and give back to the schools and offer service for the town and sporting events if needed.

There Are Health Benefits for Older Adults Who Volunteer.

Studies have shown that older Americans who volunteer frequently live longer and report fewer disabilities. They experience higher levels of well-being and lower rates of depression. Our skilled teams recognize that volunteering, socializing and connecting are key parts of a healthy lifestyle. They continue to help seniors find a sense of purpose and lead meaningful lives.

We take time this week to show gratitude to our Life Enrichment team for their hard work and dedication all year long.

For more information about our activities or services, call 618-758-2256.