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Occupational Therapy Balance Activities for the Elderly

Exercise and activity are vital parts of physical health, and they’re even more important for older adults. But as we age, reduced flexibility and strength can make it hard to do the things we love. Difficulties with balance and mobility are some of the most common challenges for seniors to face – but there’s something you can do.

Occupational therapy for seniors is a kind of care specifically targeted toward helping older adults adapt their daily routine to fit their abilities. In this blog, we’ll cover the basics and talk about some occupational therapy exercises you can do at home.

What is an Example of Occupational Therapy?

To give you a better idea of what occupational therapy might look like for you or a loved one, let’s examine a hypothetical situation. Eddy is 79 years old – and his favorite thing to do after he retired is working in his garden. But because of a recent hip replacement, it’s difficult for him to get up from a squat, limiting his ability to pick weeds or dig holes for new plants.

How can occupational therapy help with that? Well, fortunately for Eddy, his occupational therapist was able to recommend a course of physical exercise that made him stronger and more flexible and tools he could use in his garden to make tasks easier. Occupational therapy is designed to make it easier for you to overcome challenges and live your life how you want to.

Try These Occupational Therapy Strengthening Activities

When you need occupational therapy to overcome an acute health issue, you should seek out a pro – they know how to fit their treatment to your unique needs. But if you’re just looking to feel a little more spry in your day-to-day, follow this link to find some exercises to try.

The Big Benefits of Occupational Therapy

  • It helps you get past life’s obstacles. Occupational therapists help you find ways to overcome challenges that impede your daily life. Their goal is to make it easier for you to live with the maximum degree of independence possible.
  • Fall prevention. Staying active as we age can put us at higher risk for injurious falls. An occupational therapist can help you find ways to keep moving while avoiding falls.
  • It can make your house safer to live in. Occupational therapists can help by recommending home safety equipment like shower benches, stair lifts, walk-in tubs and grab bars around the house to make mobility easier.
  • A more positive outlook. Good occupational therapy reframes the challenges older adults face and arms them with the ability to work through them. Making the lifestyle changes they recommend can promote better health and greater quality of life.
  • It helps family caregivers adapt. If you’re an in-home caregiver, occupational therapists can help you make better decisions about your loved one’s needs. They can also help you find balance between caregiving duties and your personal life.

Get Occupational Therapy at Coulterville

At Coulterville Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, we’re proud to offer quality live-in care services on both a short- and long-term basis. Whatever you or your loved one need, our team of occupational, speech and physical therapists are here to support you.

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